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Hi Bruno,

Is there a way of putting a EQ section in QMIDI Pro a bit like whats in iTunes?
More importantly for me, I would love to be able to EQ just the MP3/MP4 files that play through QMIDI.

The way I run my set up is I mainly use Midifiles, but occasionally I use MP3/MP4 if I cant find the Midi file. So out of my laptop, I run out of QMIDI into a Midi interface, and then into a sound module which then goes into a mixer that I can EQ. I also take a line from the Head phone jack to the Input of the Sound module for the MP3/MP4 files. I do it this way so I have only one Chanel on the desk to worry about but I find that the line out of the head phone jack has a lot more bass, but I cant EQ it. It would be great to be able to EQ just the MP3 /Mp4 files.

I hope this makes sense or if there is another way of doing this, I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.