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Roland text display issue

I'm getting a weird display problem with my Roland keyboard lyric display. For some reason, apostrophes are being displayed as question marks when I add them in Karaoke Edit Mode, but not when I simply copy and paste text from web pages etc..

They look fine in the program, but display wrongly in the keyboard.

Has anyone come across this issue (maybe in other text utilities) and knows how to fix it?

I'm guessing it is something to do with the text encoding settings, [the program is set to Western (ISO Latin 1) at the moment], but I can't figure out why pasted in text's apostrophes display fine but added Mac text doesn't...

Any tips would be appreciated.

iMac 27" MACOS 10.13.4 (problem predates 10.13.4 by a long time) QMIDI version unimportant, has been around since the beginning.