Use enter to jump to next event in sync mode

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Use enter to jump to next event in sync mode

One more ... :)

Currently, when you edit a lyric event in sync mode and then press enter, you get out of edit more. This makes editing of more events very slow.

Could you change this behavior and make the program jump to the next event when pressing enter from within event-edit mode? (maybe also in MidiKit :) ?)

Then, if you want to exit edit mode, you would just click somewhere else in the window.

Or, TAB could be used to jump to the next event. So, if you double-click on an event to edit it and then press TAB, you would jump to the next event (currently this just takes you out of edit-mode). And if you double-click on a timing and then TAB, you would jump to the timing of the next event aso.

Also, when pressing enter on a line, you are entered in timing-edit mode. Maybe it would be more useful to enter event-edit mode instead. For timing editing, you have the Sync "smiley", which makes sense, cause this is something you have to hear. Event editing on the other hand is visual, so you don't have to hear it to see the changes and that's why I think it would make more sense to enter event-edit mode when pressing enter.

Thank you!